Songwriters, Powers Music

A songwriting team with a diverse repertoire of original songs
for recording artists or producers looking for material.

Presenting the song writers Bill, Dave & John Powers, a songwriting team with a large, diverse repertoire of original songs available for recording artists or producers looking for material. Bill, Dave & John have been "back burner" songwriters, spending the bulk of their time recording and performing in various bands and performance situations. Having written hundreds of songs for years, they have recently decided to show their songs to the public.

Bill Powers is a keyboardist / bassist. He played bass for the band "Iconoclast" which included a famous prolific songwriter. Bill has been writing songs in his own studio for years for his own pleasure. His style of songwriting is contemporary and leans toward danceable music.

Dave Powers is a keyboardist / guitarist. He currently performs in the band "Bigtime". Dave has been writing songs his entire life, and performed songs he wrote at the New Orleans World's Fair. His songwriting includes kick-ass rockers, pop tunes and ballads.

John Powers is an extraordinary guitarist and keyboardist who has played in various bands throughout the years. John not only writes his own material, but also contributes to the song writing efforts of Bill & Dave. John's style is pure rock'n'roll.

Come in and listen to samples of our songs!


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