“Fever ”

Time is standing still, to rise above a test of will
You’re sluggish drag your feet, to face the day a phenomenal feat
There’s a monkey on your back, such a chore to stay on the track
Cause something’s holding you down,

       The Fever is coming with the worst ahead
      Make a change or you’ll soon end up dead
     The Fever is coming, you can feel the heat
     Feels like lead weights strapped to your feet

Gets harder every day sweat and tears, feel like running away
Just what will you do

        The Fever has risen and that’s a fact
     The time has come to make a pact
     The Fever has risen, it’s a turning point
     Just when things are all out of joint

The fever has broken the tide has turned
Now’s your chance to show what you’ve learned  
The fever has crested, it couldn’t last
Take control and make it fast

      The fever has lessened the pendulum swings
     Such a good time to rearrange things
     The fever has broken the storm has passed
     The possibilities are vast

     The fever has broken your recovery’s clear
    The rest is done so get it in gear