“Walk in my Shoes”

                Whisper: the eyes, the lies, no more the wise
         Whisper: to feel, so real, to heal, your soul reveal

Walk in my shoes, you know for just one day -- (You’ll see-You’ll feel)  
A new perspective, you’ll see the world in a different way today
Walk in My Shoes, Your Life comes in so many hues, (can see it)

shame to feel the hate, berate, exaggerate

Walk in My Shoes, hear what I hear -- (You’ll see-You’ll hear, you’ll know)  
So many clues, dissipate the hate and fear

One chance

Walk in My Shoes feel my thoughts

   Open minded, so enlightened, free to think

Walk in My Shoes for just on minute
Follow my lead to see how the other half lives and breaths
Walk in My Shoes another angle point of view (so true)
Trace my steps you’ll see how easy life could be