"What Were They Thinking"

        Forget what you’ve learned, you’ve been misled
        The words turned around, The truth unfound,

        Pictures erased, Loosely based, reality Defaced
        Fact or fiction,
In another light

        Smoke and mirrors, Only lies in sight,
        another trick they’re playing

Say what were they thinking, they sold a lot of lies, never heard the cries
Hey what were they thinking, to filter out the truth, hearsay minus proof

        Manipulate our fate, spin out the bait
        A media display
, A world they portray

        Trick or it’s true, They have no clue, just a point of view
        Altered image,
Meant to deceive

        Judge for yourself
, What you believe
        Cause you’re never going to

Say what were they thinking, fact in disguise, hidden from our eyes
Hey what were they thinking, misinform us all, headed for a wall