"It Takes Some Time"

Girl it might not matter the things I want to say
I guess Iíll just tell you anyway
I know that youíve been hurting, things have been so bad
And I know Iím not the best friend that youíve had

But I care about your feelings
And I hope that youíre all right
When the answers are so hard to find
A solution's not in sight
Just remember that youíve got a friend
Anytime day or night

Remember it takes some time for things to fall in line
Sometimes good love is so hard to find
There is so much in you the way you smile the things you do
No matter what there will always be time

I remember how you held me when I was feeling down
You were there when no one was around
You might not think youíre special but I must disagree
Thereís so much in you that you have yet to see

And I'll miss you when you go away
But I want you to know
That I only want whatís best for you
My heart it tells me so
Just remember that youíve got a friend
Donít forget me when you go